Keeping up with — and affording — the fast-changing technology behind many of today’s business applications and e-business solutions
are two of the biggest challenges businesses face. Because of this businesses are increasingly turning to Hosting Services Providers to
meet these challenges.

   NET COMP SOLUTIONS provide end-to-end business solutions. Businesses benefit by receiving secure, dependable access to the latest
technology — for a fraction of what it would cost to purchase hardware and software, implement network infrastructure, and maintain
and upgrade these complex systems themselves.

Be Prepared for Downtime :-

   Keep your network and system operational with technicians, parts and all the resources necessary standing by to respond quickly.
Similar to an insurance policy we will be standing by to keep your computers, peripherals and network running smoothly. Don’t wait until
there is a problem; be prepared now with a service agreement that includes all parts and labor. Looking for a technician when you have a
problem is not a smartest thing to do when your running a business and downtime expensive.

Multivendor Computer Support :-

   One vendor, one call, NCS offers full service and support for thousands of computers products, including system from Hewlett-Packard,
IBM, Compaq, and more. Customer can have the convenience and cost saving of dealing with one vendor for all of their information
technology products.